About our Farm: 
Our farm is our home and our family business. We look forward to hosting and sharing a slice of our farm life with you and your family and friends every fall. We strive to provide great customer service and we are welcoming to all who visit us! We provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a variety of activities, amenities, agricultural products and food while visiting. Our farm is wonderfully situated to view the colors of fall and the beauty of our Iowa countryside.


Shared Space
All space is shared space. This means no individual or group is allowed to set up their own event or maintain a particular area of the farm for anything other than temporary use while we are open to the public. Our farm is meant to be shared by everyone. 

Neutral Space 
Neutral space is maintained by not allowing any individual or group to host an event, proselytize, solicit, or promote their own interests or to create any undue attention or disruption while we are open to the public. Neutral space helps us to maintain safe space for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim or reserve a space on the farm for our group?
No. We do not allow any individual, organization, or group, to “claim or reserve” an area for its own use while open to the public. All areas and amenities on the farm are intended for temporary use. This is consistent with our “shared space” policy for all patrons.

Am I permitted to display signs, banners or flags, etc., on your farm? 
No. While open to the public, we don’t allow any individual, organization, business, or group to put up a sign that signifies its group, business, organization, philosophy, religion, ideology, political party, political position or statement, or logo. The use of signs, flags, and banners is contrary to our “neutral space” policy for all patrons.  

Can I or my organizations solicit while on the farm?
All solicitations, handouts, fundraisers, or giveaways are prohibited.

Do you allow photographers to photograph your farm or to schedule sessions on your farm?
Professional photography is not allowed without prior approval provided by Wills Family Orchard. 

Can I bring food onto the farm?
No, we don’t allow outside food. Tailgating with food and beverage at or near your vehicle in the parking area is also not allowed. We have food items available for purchase during your visit. 

Do you allow smoking on the property? 
Smoking and vaping are not allowed. 

Do you allow animals/pets?
We do not allow animals or pets to be brought onto our farm with the exception of service animals and service-animals-in-training per Iowa Code Section 216C.11.

What is appropriate footwear for visiting your farm?
We maintain a working farm. That means we are engaged in the production and harvest of crops, which necessitates the use of tractors and other heavy equipment. Our ground is not always smooth for walking. Consequently, we suggest wearing closed-toed shoes for comfortability and safety, particularly if you will be participating in any of our activities, like picking pumpkins or apples. 

Do you have a parking area for those with a Disabilities Parking Permit?
Yes, we have a parking area that provides closer access to our General Store for those with a Disabilities Parking Permit. A sign signifying this parking area is visible upon driving up to our General Store. 

Is there an Admission Fee?
We do not charge an admission fee to enter the farm. There is an activity fee if you wish to participate in those. 

Do you offer u-pick apples?
We allow visitors to pick apples while supply lasts and weather is favorable. We do not allow entry for u-pick without the purchase of a picking bag. 

Are all of your apples certified organic?
We grow both organic and non-organic apples. You can learn more about our production methods.

What variety of apples do you grow?
You can view the varieties we grow based on availability.

What form of payments do you take? 
We accept cash and most forms of credit cards. 

Do you close for inclement weather?
Weather conditions could cause us to limit our offerings, outdoor activities and hours. We will post any changes to our normal business hours on our social media.

Where are you located? 
We are located 20 minutes west of Des Moines. Our address is 33130 Panther Creek Road, Adel, Iowa 50003

What are your hours? 
We are open seasonally on fall weekends. Check our website for updated hours.