Job Openings

Kitchen/Bakery Manager
Description of Duties:  Manager will ensure food products are made in a timely and safe manner and environment is kept clean and safe.  The Kitchen Manager may utilize various pieces of equipment and machines, including but not limited to: apple cutters; apple peelers; pie press; dough mixer, dough sheeter, donut fryer; steam kettle; microwave oven & drink dispenser.   Products that will be made include but not limited to: cider donuts; variety of pies to bake or freeze; turnovers; caramel; and jams.

Requirements:  Prefer applicant with experience in working in a commercial kitchen or bakery. Knowledge of food safety would be helpful. Must have excellent communication skills and organizational skills.  The Kitchen Manager must be able to stand for long periods of time.

Part-time/Seasonal Schedule: August – October.

Wage: Starts at $14/hour.

Minimum age requirement: 18 years old.

Description of Duties:  Conduct sales transactions with customers using Point of Sale “Square” on I-pad.  Bag purchased goods if necessary.  Provide cheerful quality customer service.  Become familiar with orchard history, products, and agritourism activities.  Work with assistants to ensure products are bagged appropriately and customer service is provided. 

Requirements:  Must have experience as a cashier and possess excellent communication skills and enjoy working with people. Cashier must have an ability to: work in a busy environment; multi task; stand for extended periods of time; and utilize Point of Sale system & calculator. 

Part-time/Seasonal Schedule: Saturdays & Sundays, September – October.

Wage: $12 – $14/hour.

Minimum age requirement: 16 years old

Description of Duties:  The Farmhand is an important member of the team at Wills Family Orchard. The Farmhand is cross-trained to perform a variety of duties inside our facility and in the field. He or she must be flexible enough to perform a variety of duties and flexible enough to be relocated from one duty to the next if necessary.

Requirements: Must enjoy working with people and have good communication skills.

Part-time/Seasonal Schedule: Select weekdays July – October; and weekends September – October.

Wage: $8 – $12/hour.

Minimum age requirement: 14 years old

Tractor/Hay Wagon Driver
Description:  The tractor driver will be responsible for providing a safe and fun wagon ride to visitors.  This individual will be responsible for helping visitors board the hay wagon and get off of the wagon in a safe manner. 

Requirements:  The Hay Wagon Driver must have experience driving a tractor. The driver must also be familiar with operating equipment, especially small tractors and hay wagons.  The Driver must have excellent safety and communication skills. 

Part-time/Seasonal Schedule: Weekends mid-September – October. May work only select weekends.

Wage: $12 – $14/hour.

Minimum age requirement: 21 years old

Dress Code:
Retail Area:  All employees in the store will wear WFO apron.  Hair will be pulled back or covered with a hair net or WFO hat.  Footwear will be closed-toed.  Personal tattoos will be covered.   

Kitchen:  Will not wear facial jewelry.  In addition to an apron, hair must be covered with a hair net or hat.  If preparing food, hands must be gloved.  Footwear must have coverlets (provided) or shoes must be dedicated to use in the kitchen.  

Outdoor/Field:  During orchard “open hours”, farmhands and tractor drivers must wear either a WFO hat or WFO shirt & they may wear both.  If only a WFO shirt is worn and a non-WFO hat is worn, that hat cannot have a name or logo on it – it must be plain.  If a WFO shirt is not worn, that shirt must be plain.  In case a coat or sweatshirt is needed due to cold weather, branded sweatshirts or coats may be worn with WFO vest to be worn over the sweatshirt or coat.  Footwear must be adequate for working in the field. Open toed shoes and sandals are not allowed.

Request an application by emailing or for more information call 515.321.1847.