On-Farm Pick-up

Organic Apples Available Now!

The last variety of apples that we harvest each year is Enterprise and in 2019 we harvested a huge amount of them. We filled our walk-in cooler at the end of the season and left them there while we hibernated for the winter. We’re now washing and grading them. While they’re not as crisp as the day they came off the tree, they’re still firm and very good quality.

However, they won’t last forever, so we want to move them as quickly as possible. To do that we are selling them in 36-pound boxes and we’ve lowered the price of our Number 1 grade from $2.50 to $2.00/pound. So, each box of Number 1 Grade is $72.00.

We know 36 pounds of apples may seem overwhelming, but right now it seems that we’re all concerned with “having enough”; enough food, enough water; enough toilet paper! So, if you didn’t save up your garden produce or fruit from last year, you still have an opportunity to get that done right now. We would recommend slicing and freezing, or making applesauce or making pies that you can freeze. Keep the rest in your refrigerator to slice up for snacks.


You can make your purchase online now and pick up your organic apples from our 2019 crop this Saturday! We’ve also added a few more customer favorites that you can purchase online for pick-up. If you prefer to pay with a check when you arrive, just email your order to info@willsfamilyorchard.com by Friday, so we can have your order ready for you.

Pick-up Instructions

  • Next Pick up: Saturday, May 30th, any time between 10:00 AM. – Noon.
  • Drive up to our barn – you won’t have to get out.
  • It will take just a minute to verify your order.
  • Then, just pop open your trunk and we’ll load you up.