Organic Apples

Local, Homegrown Organic Apples
Stop by the farm — only 20 minutes outside of the Des Moines metro — for pre-picked organic apples that are ready to go in our on-farm store.

If you’d rather pick your own apples, follow our blog or like us on Facebook to get the latest info on apple-picking dates!

Our Apples
Our five-acre orchard is the largest and oldest certified organic apple orchard in Iowa. This year, our trees are loaded with apples! Harvest will begin in August and end in October. You can purchase our apples from our on-farm store or you can pick your own apples if you prefer.

If you decide to pick your own, you’ll pre-pay for a picking bag that will hold 10 pounds of apples.  You will also be provided with picking instructions. Please note the approximate picking dates below. Each variety has its own unique flavor and texture but all of them are multipurpose — you can eat them fresh, use them to bake your favorite dish, or juice them!

Organic Apple Harvest Calendar 
Approximate Picking Dates for 2017
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