Organic Apples
We have over a dozen varieties of apples selected for their flavor and crispness for eating fresh off the tree or making your favorite apple pie recipe.

organic peach organic apple organic strawberry fruit spread iowa orchard
Organic Fruit Spreads

Made right here in our state licensed, organically certified processing kitchen. Our current selection of Organic Fruit Spreads include : Strawberry; Peach; Blueberry; & Tart Cherry. Less sugar means more fruit!

Organic Applesauce & Organic Apple Butter
Our apple butter has become a favorite of many of our customers. Our applesauce goes well with foods like pork chops or with snack foods like yogurt. We don’t add any sugar to our applesauce – kids love it & so will you!

organic apple pie iowa
Organic Apple Pie

We don’t skimp on apples — our pies are loaded with mounds of fresh apple slices! Crumb crust or double crust, baked or frozen…they’re a hit.

Apple Cider Donuts 
No, they’re not organic…they’re donuts & they’re delicious!

Fresh Caramel
It’s made right here, it’s fresh, and it’s awesome! It’s a perfect pairing for your apples or other homemade treats. Bring home an extra tub — you’ll be so glad you did.

Apple Wine
We’ve named our wine Panther Creek Gold. “Panther Creek” comes form the name of the creek that lies below our ridge-top location. “Gold” is included as part of the name because of the beautiful color and high value taste of this product. Made from fresh apple cider from a blend of our organic apples. Panther Creek Gold preserves that distinctive apple flavor that makes for a wonderful dessert wine.

caramel organic apple dessert iowa homegrown local des moines
Caramel Apples & Queen’s Apple Dessert

A fall favorite! Try a delicious organic apple dipped in our homemade caramel or a Queen’s Apple with homemade caramel, piled high with whipped cream and peanuts and a cherry on top!

Fresh Apple Cider
Enjoy hot or cold at our farm, or take home a jug for later.

Fresh Honey
Our bees have been busy! We have two-pound, one-pound, and eight-ounce containers of honey available.

Gourds, Pumpkins, and Decorative Corn Shocks
Make u-pick pumpkins a part of your family’s fall traditions! Load up a wagon with your finds and pick up some beautiful gourds to bring fall to your own home.

Perfect Fall Mums
Colorful, gorgeous, hardy fall mums are grown right here on our farm. Pick up a couple on your way out for a festive fall display.