Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard Photography Sessions

Fall is here and the autumn leaves are starting to show their color. Our farm is the perfect venue for professional photographers to capture those fall colors. Our ridge-top location offers great scenic views and for a limited time this fall, you can schedule your photo session in our pumpkin patch or our apple orchard.

– by booking a time slot at Wills Family Orchard, you agree to the following – 

Upon arriving, you’ll drive through our main gate and up a gravel lane. If the gate is closed, you may unhook the bungee cord and open the gates. Be sure to close them behind you. The gates and fence are there to keep deer from entering onto our farm. Drive up the lane and turn up the hill at the Welcome sign and park off to the right of that lane in the field.  

There are no refunds or exchanges for missed appointments. If it looks like there will be rain during your allotted time, you may reschedule through the booking app., if it’s more than 48 hours out. 

You may walk through the orchard and pumpkin patch areas to take photos of your clients or to just take photos of the natural scenery. We have a portable bathroom unit near the parking area if needed.

Please, no pets. We have various animals of our own at the farm and don’t want to bring others into their space. 

Only one photographer will be booked at a time. While there is no extra charge for an assistant helping with your shoot, we ask that if others are also taking photos, they too, must pay our fee. 

We would love to share your photos! Please tag us (@willsfamilyorchard) and/or use our hashtag, #willsfamilyorchard, so we can see your beautiful work!