Apple Picking

Apple Crop – 2019 

Our apple crop looks great this year!  We had plenty of rain in May. In fact we had over 10″. The early part of June was dry for us, but we’re playing catch up during the last part of the month.

Varieties for U-pick the weekend of October 5 – 6th:

  • Liberty: this is a crisp, sweet-semi tart, multipurpose apple. This apple variety is a favorite to many of our visitors! Best use: fresh eating & baking.
  • Spartan: this is a firm, crisp, sweet apple. If you like McIntosh, you’ll love Spartan, since Spartan is a cross between McIntosh and an unknown variety. Best use: fresh eating, pie, crisp or your favorite apple recipe!
  •  Enterprise: Crisp, sweet multipurpose apple. Best use: Fresh eating! Great storage apple!
  • Chieftain: Chieftain is a cross between Jonathan and Delicious.  This is a sweet apple with great flavor! Best use: fresh eating or baking.

Here’s how it works when apple picking is made available  

If you would like to pick apples, just let any one of our cashiers know. Once you prepay, you’ll be provided with a bag and an instruction sheet with tips for picking, washing, and storing. Please read the instructions before beginning to pick — this will help you get the most out of your picking experience! You will then be directed to the orchard where you will find trees that are marked with brightly colored tape to let you know which apples are ready to be picked.

It’s always a good idea to dress for the occasion! It’s best to wear comfortable shoes rather than open-toe sandals. You may even want to wear a long-sleeve shirt to avoid being scratched by branches or bothered by flying insects that like to hover around fallen fruit. Please do not bring picking poles as they are not allowed in the orchard.

We know you’ll have bushels of fun making memories and building a family tradition picking apples at Wills Family Orchard!

Cost: Prepay $25 for a 10-pound bag to fill from our orchard and take home. 

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