Pick your favorite pumpkin from our five-acre pumpkin patch near Des Moines, Iowa.
We’ve expanded our pumpkin patch once again this year! Our pumpkin plants are off to a great start and we expect thousands of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes to be ready for picking in the fall. We look forward to seeing you!

U-Pick pumpkins at Wills Family Orchard has become a family tradition for many.  The second generation is now carrying on that tradition with their children. Come out and join us at the farm to make your own fall memories!

How it Works
When you come to our pumpkin patch in central Iowa, we’ll give you a wagon to use (and clippers, too!) to make it easy to pick and carry all of the special pumpkins you find. You can then go out anywhere in our five-acre pumpkin patch to find your perfect fall pumpkin or gourd. Bring your haul back to the entrance and we’ll weigh them up for you. We accept Visa or Master Card.