Fields of Fun

Corn Pools

It’s not a sand box, it’s corn! We loaded piles of corn kernels in a few bins and some sand box toys (like little tractors). With bales of straw around the bins, it’s easy for children to get in and out of the corn. Kids love it (parents too). On Festival weekends only!

Grain Wagon Hoops

Shoot some hoops inside our hoop-adapted grain wagon. Set the top farm score for making the most shots in a row! Some of the hoops are high enough to challenge adults, while there are lower hoops so children can join in too! 

Corn Hole Toss Game

Try your hand at this classic American toss game. Choose up teams and toss away! 

Pedal Tractors

Pedal around the activity area on several of our John Deere child-size pedal tractors. 

Corn Maze

Stroll through our corn maze. Will you be able to find your way out?

Pipe Slides

Enjoy some good fun while sliding down one of two large pipe slides.

Hay Wagon Rides

Hay wagon rides are a favorite for everyone! Our hay wagons are pulled by restored antique tractors. You will travel around and through our orchard. It’s a great way to see the fall colors on the hillsides that rise  above the nearby Raccoon River. 

Duck Races

Using hand operated water pumps, pump water down pipes to rush your ducks to the finish line!